:: connectivity - mobilising your data ::

Mobile phones and handheld computers have become connections powerful, multi-purpose devices in an increasingly mobile society.

Network performance and services continue to progressively improve. Taking the 'mobile enterprise' - remote data capture and retrieval - to the next level, is undoubtably becoming less of a task.

When implementing the mobile solution with ambit, the browser of choice is Opera Mobile

''As a full Web browser for mobile devices, Opera Mobile renders real Web pages within the limiting form factor of any handheld device.''

It is platform-independent, and is increasingly being delivered on new handsets and added to existing handsets by operators the world over.

Opera Mobile supports open Web standards, as set by both the World Web Consortium and the Open Mobile Alliance .

If it is not already embedded in your device, Opera’s mobile browser is available to download from www.opera.com/mobile

Check here to see if your device is supported.

Opera's Small-Screen Rendering™ (SSR) reformats web pages to fit smaller screens, so the whole web page can be viewed with no horizontal scrolling. SSR can be turned on and off using the '#' key (or Options > Display > Fit to screen).

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